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07 Jun 2014
View of Possum Kingdom Lake
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Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo Pinto County, Texas, witnessed world-class cliff diving for the first time on June 6-7, 2014, as 14 athletes, including the USA's own David Colturi and Steven LoBue, went up to 27 metres... Besides the men, the second stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series also featured the first of three competitions for female divers in 2014!

Possum Kingdom Lake, a reservoir in the Brazos River, features two towering cliffs rising more than 30 metres which mark the entrance to a small cove, the so-called 'Hell's Gate'. Given the flatness of the surrounding terrain, the two cliffs rising dramatically out of the water, already an impressive scene, became even more eye-catching when the world's best cliff divers launched themselves from the precipice.


Possum Kingdom Lake, a reservoir in the Brazos, the longest river in the Lone Star State, features two towering cliffs rising more than 30 metres which mark the entrance to a small cove, the so-called 'Hell's Gate'. Given the flatness of the surrounding terrain, the two cliffs rising dramatically out of the water are hugely impressive.


Where is Red Bull Cliff Diving taking place?
The event is at Hell's Gate Cove on Possum Kingdom Lake. "PK" Lake is a hidden gem in the North Texas lake lifestyle. Nestled in the Palo Pinto Hills, PK features over 19,000 acres of clear blue water and also is one of Texas' deepest lakes. It is also an oasis for fishing, diving, windsurfing, hiking, trail running, trail biking, and camping. For more information regarding transportation, accommodations, dining, boat launch/storage, watercraft rentals, activities on PK Lake, please visit

Why is the event listed as "Fort Worth"?
Fort Worth is the closest large metropolitan city. Due to the amount of international travellers that will be attending this event, the webpage needs to spotlight the closest city of recognition. However, please be aware that Possum Kingdom Lake is approximately 80 miles west of Downtown Fort Worth.

Will the event be televised?
All Red Bull World Series competitions are broadcast on Fox Sports 1. Be sure to watch the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop at Possum Kingdom Lake broadcast on Fox Sports 1 on Monday, July 14, at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.

Can I attend the event as a spectator?
Yes, we'd love to see you there! But you will need to insure that you have access to the water via kayak, stand up paddleboard, personal watercraft, or boat. There is NO on-land viewing available for the event. Hell's Gate Cove is surrounded by private property and there is a zero trespass policy. The closest full service boat facility to Hell's Gate Cove is Bluffs Creek Marina. For more information about renting kayaks, SUPs, personal watercraft, or boats, please contact:

Bluffs Creek Marina
Marina Point Dr, Strawn, TX 76475
(940) 779-3911

How do we enter Hell's Gate Cove?
The Hell's Gate channel entrance will be closed during the event. Please use the channel on the east side of Devil's Island to enter the cove. Follow all posted signs as you enter and be sure to follow direction given by the Brazos River Authority, the Sheriff's Department, and event personnel. Also be sure to anchor in the appropriate area for your watercraft size and type. For more details, please see our infographic for boats.

What time is the main competition?

Saturday, June 7


12:00pm – 12:15pm: Show Open
12:15pm – 1:00pm: Performance – Billy the Kidd from 106.1 Kiss FM
1:00pm – 1:45pm: Competition Preview
1:45pm – 2:00pm: Warm-Up Dives – Women's
2:25pm – 2:30pm: Athlete Introductions – Women's
2:30pm – 2:50pm: Women's Final Round
3:00pm – 3:20pm: Warm-Up Dives – Men's
3:30pm – 3:40pm: Athlete Introductions – Men's
3:40pm – 4:10pm: Start Round 1 (Head to Head) – Men's
4:10pm – 4:45pm: Start Round 2 (Head to Head) – Men's
4:45pm – 5:10pm: Start Final (Top 8) – Men's
5:10pm – 5:20pm: Awards Ceremony – Women's and Men's

How do I get to Possum Kingdom Lake?
Drive times to Bluff Creek Marina (South shore of the lake):

Dallas – 2hrs 15 minutes, 116 miles
Fort Worth – 1hr 45 minutes, 85 miles
Abilene – 1hr 45 minutes, 93 miles

Drive times to The Harbors Marina (North shore of the lake):

Lubbock – 3hrs 45 minutes, 240 miles

More information is available here at

How is the water level of Possum Kingdom Lake?
The lake level is low but it will not affect the event. Possum Kingdom Lake is one of Texas' deepest lakes and there is plenty of water in the main channel ways. However, please use extreme caution when boating off of the main channel ways.

What to do when boating on Possum Kingdom Lake:

All boaters please observe all Texas boating laws while visiting PK Lake. A detailed rundown of all laws is listed here:

- Please acknowledge all posted signage and maps.
- Please be courteous and respect all working personal onsite.
- Do not play music while competition diving is taking place.
- Devils Island is closed to the public. Treat this as private property. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
- Observe all closed event areas.
- Please anchor your boat in appropriate zones for boat size.
- The neighborhoods surrounding Hell's Gate Cove (Gaines Bend and Sportsmans World) are private property. Do not disembark your boats at any time inside Hell's Gate Cove. All land is private property. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Will there be concessions?
No food or beverages will be available at the event. Please plan and stock your boats accordingly. Also, please help keep PK Lake clean and dispose of your trash in the proper receptacles when leaving the lake.

Are there public restrooms available?
No, but there are plenty of restrooms at the many marinas that service the lake. For more information on their location, please visit

Is there lodging available?
For tips on available lodging in the area, please contact the PK Chamber of Commerce by visiting

We are staying for the weekend. What else is there to do?
Possum Kingdom is an activity paradise! There is camping, biking, hiking, dining, and all sorts of outdoor activities to fill up your weekend. Please contact the PK Chamber of Commerce by visiting

What if I can't make it to Possum Kingdom Lake for the event?
If you can't make it, be sure to watch the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series broadcast on Fox Sports 1, on Monday, July 14, at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.

Are media welcome to attend?
Absolutely! For media inquiries, please contact Erin Finegold, Red Bull Media House Communications:

How do I follow the conversation online?
Be sure to follow for the latest updates on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Also be sure to join the conversation via @redbulldfw #redbullcliffdiving #timetodive

I want to meet these amazing athletes! Can you make an introduction?
Unfortunately a personal introduction is not possible but you can take it one step further and dive with them! Red Bull Cliff Diving takes three seconds of combining concentration, agility, athleticism, and downright guts! Log on to to learn how you can join them for an exclusive dive workshop, courtesy of Maurice Lacroix!


Here is some very useful information from the Brazos River Authority...


Frequently Asked Questions...

How many boat ramps are available and where are they located?
There are four BRA single lane boat ramps located just off Park Road 36 and FM 2951. Addresses for these boat ramps are as follows: Scenic Cove Low Water Ramp, 3401 Scenic Point Road, Graford, TXPublic Low Water Ramp 1775 FM 2951, Graford, TXNorth D&D Boat Ramp, 2051 FM2951, Graford, TX (requires entry fee) South D&D 2969 FM 2951, Graford TX

Where is the closest ramp to Hell's Gate?
Hell's Gate is not easily accessible by kayak, canoe, or other non-powered vessel and is not recommended due to the very high concentration of motorboat activity and boat wake we expect to see on both days of the event. However, if you must use a kayak the best options are Bluffs Creek Marina (not controlled by the BRA/please contact them directly), Scenic Cove Boat Ramp - 3401 Scenic Point Rd., Graford, TX 76449 or South D & D Boat Ramp, - 2969 FM 2951, Graford, TX 76449. The latter two are about four miles away from Hell's Gate.

Is there parking at the ramps?
Yes, but parking is limited at several of the Brazos River Authority boat ramps. Each Brazos River Authority ramp will have an attendant that will direct truck and trailer drivers to available parking areas. Once the available parking has been occupied. The ramp will be closed to additional boats seeking to access the lake.

Is there a user fee to put a boat on Possum Kingdom Lake?
There is a nominal Water Recreational User Fee that applies to all motorized vessels accessing Possum Kingdom Lake. The fee structure is as follows:
One day permit - $5.00 per boat
Three day permit – $12.00 per boat
Five day permit – $20.00 per boat
Annual permit good for the current calendar year - $50.00 (discount available for active and retired military and seniors over 65)
Permits are available at local lake merchants. Additionally, daily permits will be available at Brazos River Authority boat ramps Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Sales at the boat ramps are cash only and correct amount ($5) is appreciated.

How close are the camping areas to the Hell's Gate area by boat?
Approximate distance only:
3.5 miles from South D & D. 4.0 miles from Scenic Cove. 10.5 miles from North D & D. 4.2 miles from Bug Beach. 8.5 miles from Sandy Beach. 12.4 miles from Public Low Water Ramp

Will there be anyone allowed in the water around their boats inside Hell's Gate?
Yes, you are allowed in the water, but please be aware of the emissions from the boats' engines while running. This creates deadly carbon monoxide which can be fatal. Additionally, there will be a large number of vessels inside Hell's Gate and the hazards associated with this boat concentration (e.g. operating propellers) may convince you to remain in your boat.

How much does it cost to camp?
The only charge for camping or day use is assessed at North D & D and Sandy Beach Public Use Areas. All other designated camping areas are available at no charge. Cost at North D&D and Sandy Beach is $10.00 per night plus $3.00 per person per night for camping. Each camp site is limited to two tents and 10 people. Day use only at North D&D and Sandy Beach is available for a cost of $3.00 per person. Day use check out is 10pm and camping check out is 12 noon.

Do you take reservations?
No. It is first come, first serve.

Do you have security at the camp sites?
Brazos River Authority Lake Rangers patrol camp sites from time to time, but you are responsible for your own possessions/equipment, and personal safety. The Brazos River Authority assumes no responsibility for personal safety or lost/stolen items

What's the water depth at the ramps?
It varies by ramp from 3 foot 6 inches to 4 foot 10 inches

How far is it from Fort Worth to Possum Kingdom Lake?
Approximately 90 miles from the west of Fort Worth.

How many boats can fit into Hell's Gate?
It depends on the size of boats involved. Red Bull, through its production company, Hangman, have developed a zoned off boat mooring plan that includes attendants that will direct boats to mooring zones. Brazos River Authority Lake Rangers along with Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens will monitor the flow of boats into Hell's Gate cove. Should, in their opinion, the cove fill to the point that additional boats may compromise public safety, the cove will be closed to additional boats.

Is there a list of names that will rent houses or a contact for that purpose?
Please check with the local real estate companies.

Are there any special restrictions that apply to this event?
The western entrance into Hell's Gate Cove will be closed daily to boat traffic before and during the event. It will reopen upon conclusion of that day's events. Boat access into Hell's Gate Cove is from the east side of Devil's Island. Devil's Island & Camp Grady spruce will be closed to the public. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Please observe and obey all posted signage.

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