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"Be a better athlete, be a better person." The 26-year-old's motto is philosophical as much as it is ambitious. The athlete who broke Gary Hunt's winning streak in 2015 by taking an early lead in the competition in Mostar and performing his comparably easy diving programme superbly, is definitely on the right track. Jonathan Paredes has shown a constant upward move in the rankings, disregarding his failed dive in last year's opener: The winner of the 2015 qualification competition, who first shot to prominence during the 2011 edition of the World Series when a few days before his 22nd birthday, the Mexican wildcard almost made it onto the podium in Malcesine, Italy only a day after he had landed on his tailbone, has finished 3rd overall in his 3rd full season. The World Series' rising star is hard on the heavyweights' heels.

If you're looking for the lively young man called Jonathan Paredes, keep looking for the biggest smile on tour, the most graceful athlete in the air, and the one whose feet are always immaculately pointed.

One of the most technically proficient divers in cliff diving, he has the sport's legend to his side as a mentor and coach: "My cliff diving hero is of course Orlando Duque, he's a huge inspiration for me." Together with his hero, Jonathan Paredes accomplished his highest cliff dive to date this winter: 30m or 10-storeys into a waterfall – the craziest thing he says, he's done so far.

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