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Gary Hunt

United Kingdom

Gary Hunt celebrates in Bilbao

United Kingdom

He's the only athlete who's competed in all 50 World Series stops and he's won half of them – Gary Hunt, 5-time World Series champion is a man at the very top of his game.

There has been virtually no stopping the 32-year-old ever since he finished runner-up in the first World Series in 2009. Six podiums out of six in 2010 catapulted Hunt ahead of the previous champion, Orlando Duque, at the final showdown in the sport's birthplace, Hawaii. In 2015 his winning streak only broke after five successive victories – the longest so far. No other diver in this series has more wins to his name than the multi-talented Brit – 25 to date.

Two more overall wins followed in 2011 and 2012, before the Paris resident had to relinquish his cherished position as champion to Russia's Artem Silchenko in 2013. The passionate piano player returned doubly determined to regain the World Series trophy and keep it until today.

Regarded as one of the most progressive divers in the World Series, Hunt's repertoire includes the triple quad, the first dive conceived exclusively for cliff diving, which packs in three somersaults and four twists and has a DD of 6.2. Keen to push the boundaries, the 'brilliant Brit' settled old scores with the venue in Polignano a Mare, Italy by successfully performing a running take-off – a technique that only he has ever attempted and is another link in the chain that connects Olympic diving with cliff diving. Along the way, he also bettered his own point record by 14.30 points to hit an all-time high score of 548.20 points.